Partnering with Commercial Solar Financing to Unlock Potential Benefits 

by Administrator 12th April 2024

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Financing Your Commercial Solar Installation

Avonside Energy is leading a transformative approach to commercial solar financing through strategic partnerships with leading funding providers. As businesses increasingly recognise the importance of adopting sustainable energy solutions, Avonside is committed to facilitating the transition to solar power by collaborating with trusted finance partners to offer innovative financing options.

With payback periods typically between 3 and 4 years, and Internal Rates of Return over 35%, installing solar on your business is a smart investment for many. However, there are often competing demands for capital, which is where a financed solar solution could be the way forward. We usually see the monthly repayment running at around half the energy savings, and once the finance has been repaid, businesses enjoy 100% of the benefit.

Enhancing Businesses’ Sustainability Efforts

Commercial solar projects enhance businesses’ sustainability efforts while simultaneously reducing operational costs. By harnessing the power of solar energy, businesses can significantly lower their carbon footprint and achieve long-term energy independence.

Financing commercial solar projects involves sourcing funds to cover the upfront costs associated with designing, installing, and maintaining solar energy systems. Through its strategic partnerships, Avonside provides access to a diverse range of financing options tailored to their specific needs and financial objectives.

From Asset Finance to Power Purchase Agreements

Avonside’s collaboration with funding partners allows businesses to explore various financing mechanisms designed to streamline the transition to solar energy. From asset finance to power purchase agreements (PPAs), businesses benefit from flexible financing solutions that facilitate seamless adoption of solar technology without imposing prohibitive upfront expenses.

One of the key advantages of Avonside’s financing model is its ability to ensure that finance payments are offset by the cost savings generated through solar energy adoption. By partnering with reputable funding providers, Avonside enables businesses to leverage solar installations as a cost-effective means of reducing energy expenditure and enhancing operational efficiency.

Asset finance is an available option in Avonside’s financing strategy, enabling businesses to acquire solar energy systems through structured finance arrangements. By aligning with established finance partners, Avonside ensures that businesses can access asset finance offers that optimise financial returns and support long-term sustainability objectives.

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) offer another compelling financing option for businesses seeking to embrace solar energy. Under a PPA arrangement, businesses can benefit from a free solar PV installation financed by a PPA provider. Avonside facilitates seamless PPA agreements that enable businesses to enjoy cost-effective solar energy solutions while minimising financial risk.


Avonside’s partnership with funding providers underscores its commitment to simplifying the solar financing process and supporting businesses to make informed decisions regarding their energy investments. Through a consultative approach, Avonside assists businesses in navigating financing options, identifying available grants and incentives, and optimising returns on investment.

By leveraging the expertise and resources of its finance partners, Avonside allows businesses to embrace renewable energy solutions with confidence and clarity. With Avonside as a trusted partner, businesses can embark on their sustainable energy journey knowing that they have access to innovative financing options and expert guidance every step of the way.

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